Pixel Dolls

This site is an archive to keep the legacy of pixel dolls and doll makers alive. Most of the content has been lost to time or went offline, this is an effort to preserve a hobby that kept so many of us entertained for hours in the past.
As an archive we don't claim ownership of the content here unless stated otherwise, please always credit the original creators even if they are no longer accessible.

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28th September, 2023:
Added 11 new dollmakers:
High School Musical, Historical, Idolm@ster, Gothic Lolita, Male Celebrity, Renaiscence 2, Spritekins, Ugly Betty, Winter, Winter Fairy and Wizards of Waverly Place

21th August, 2023:
Small wiki update and new exclusive pallets.

15th August, 2023:
Fidgeted around with the room maker and it should load better without breaking stuff.

7th August, 2023:
It has come to our attention that the roomaker is acting up, it is still playable but sometimes some images wont load. We are still investigating on how to fix it.

5th August, 2023: Added room maker, it has over 6.000 itens.

28 July, 2023: Added 17 new dollmakers: Avatar, Bratz, Babysiter, Brylee, W.I.T.C.H., Fantasy, Fantasy 2, Fantasy 3, Lady Gaga, Gargoyle, Mafia, Masquerade, Mermaid 3, Naruto, Salon, Twilight and Winx 2

24 July, 2023: Added 10 new dollmakers: Forest Princess, Halloween, Hogwarts Student, Mermaid2, Nymph, Pajama, Pets, Renaissance, Silentz Goth and Yasmin

18 July, 2023: Added 7 new dollmakers: Alice in Wonderland, Monster High, Angel and Demon, Disney, Goth, Total Drama Island and Winx

16 July, 2023: We are up and running! Excuse the mess for now. We currently have a bunch of dolls and 5 dollmakers.



Layout doll by Necrophantasia
Trims, buttons, lace and layout assets by Urubu